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I’m Andre Gerdes, shoe- & leather-technician from Germany, most of my time living and working in India.

During my carrier, I must have manufactured in total about a million pair of shoes, may be even more. If they would be all lined up in one single row, we would cover a distance New York to Toronto! 😀

Today, as an entrepreneur, I offer a fulfilment service for shoe design, development and production: from design to prototype, sample-making and finally the shoe production. Very soon we will start online shoe designing courses as well.

My intention with this shoe blog is to spread out the idea how important a good shoe fitting actually is and bring in some light in the jungle of shoe sizing and their most confusing systems, so we can avoid serious food problems in the future. There is certainly a lack of understanding about proper shoe fitting, even with young fashion designers or shoe enthusiasts, who are the back bone of our shoe industry.

Only if you understand your own foot, you’ll be able to detect your best fitting shoe size and naturally you’ll understand the basics of shoe development and design.

Today as fashion designer you can work as a fashion designer for your own brand or other labels, being a style consultant, journalist or blogger. Great choices, but why only very few are going for shoe design, despite with all the great footwear blogs and -shops around the web?

Shoe designing is a creative and technical task. You need to work for a foot – the most complex bone structure in our body, with a shoe last, in 3 dimensions and then creating patterns in 2 D. This for itself makes it unique to other fashion design. But with pattern making alone the shoe design and development is only starting. There has to be shoe lasts developed, major shoe components like soles and leathers in different types and colours to be organized and finally making the shoe. The entire cobbler work has to be fulfilled with most skill, which will take months and years to achieve perfection. These are some reasons why fashion institutes and schools are not in the position to offer professional shoe designer training; it’s simply too much for a fashion accessory.

The upcoming online programs will be a great opportunity to design and create your own shoe collection.
We will teach the secrets of shoe design and the students can also build up their shoe collection with us.

Currently we are in the preparations for the online courses, anyhow, we are hoping by mid of this year to be online with you. Please leave a comment, if you are interested, so that we can inform you accordingly.

Have a look at our shoe wiki and take active part of it – let’s make it big! 😉


Andre Gerdes (The Shoe-Enthusiast)

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