I’m just surfing around for some new shoe ideas and I have found some lovely killer-high-heels in MizzTissa Shoe Blog and I thought to share them with you.

Are they not awesome? I think this killer-high-heels are truly art. I couldn’t find any information from whom they are or where to buy them, but just look at them! Amazing isn’t it?

On, Michelle has put a very nice floral collection together. Floral’s a certainly a big theme for next spring, even though there are not leathers – never mind they are still beautiful. Out of the collection I like this one most, it’s from Betsey Johnson Makenna:

With the legend Manolo on I’ve found these great Chelsea-Boots by Stuart Weizmann. The traditional two gore construction is getting an entire new look by this beautiful gore-design. That’s class, even I think, that the long vamp in the inside shows some wrinkles, which should certainly not be there, but while crimping such a long vamp, this can happen and it doesn’t seem to give any fitting issue’s.

At I saw this great court shoes from the master CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. I must say, I’ve seen better styles from him, but I like to show you them, because of course they look great and as usual the workmanship too, but also I like to comment something on them, but first see the shoe:

The top-line shape is very low. If you have a slim foot, than no problems, but for all who are not been blessed with a model-foot, be careful! At this part of the shoe, the feet are quite fleshy and the top-line could cut into it and than it looks…arghh!

Finally for all, who are having not the perfect feet, there is something more wearable on (what a great URL!). Stylish shoes for bunions, well it’s a very practicable collection, but the purpose gives limitations, still I like them. My favorite here is this one:

A nice Mary Jane with an interesting decoration on the vamp. Small things are making here the difference again and that’s what I was looking for.

Hope you enjoyed the some of the ideas and always remember: First of all, shoes have to fit – except for our killer-high-heels above, they are worth to put them just on (not inside!) the shelf.

All the best,

Andre Gerdes (the killer-high-heels lover)


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