Shoes, Design & Shoe Fitting

Shoes, Design & Shoe Fitting

Shoes have been invented with the idea of protection and prevention of external injuries. The first specialized footwear has been designed as warrior sandals in the Roman Empire. These sandals had sharp nails under the soles, similar to today’s Golf spikes. This must have looked quite impressive for their enemies.


Shoe making was always for the individual only and wasn’t a mass product at all.

Though we know about the early existence of shoe factories or better-called workshops. Their aim was it only to manufacture the necessary components in bulk. The final shoe fitting was always a customized process. This finally changed with the invention of the first commercial shoe lasts.

The first shoe sizing systems had their beginning even before the mass shoe production. Their names sound quite promising, like the Barleycorn-Unit or the Paris-Point. Never heard of them? Well, better you should because these are the shoe sizing systems of today’s footwear.

The Barley-corn-unit (one Barleycorn is 1/3 inch or 8.46 mm long) is our US- and the UK shoe sizing system. The Paris-Point (one stitch is 6.6 mm long) is known as the European shoe sizing system.

Do you think that you know exactly was is your shoe size and what is its intrinsic meaning?

Quick test:

For example, your shoe size is “6”.

Which answer is the correct one?

a) your shoe is 6 inches long?

b) your foot is 6 inches long?

c) None of it!

Certainly, you can imagine, that the answer is not a) or b). We have tried to explain the jungle of shoe sizing systems in our series:

“Why my shoes don’t fit? – shoe fitting”.

The entire series is also available as free e-book.


Why my shoes don’t fit?


Handcrafted sandals and the universal principals

Rudraksha for button fasteningSometimes handcrafted products having a deeper sense than just being simple products. They represent something, which is outstanding from our actual consumer idea.




There is always something new to figure out in the world of shoes. Try out our shoe wiki and help to make it grow big and bigger!


Soon we are planning to start various online coaching shoe courses. We are hoping to launch the first online course by end of 2016.

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